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Thread: Icons for Brush Presets

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    Icons for Brush Presets

    Hi Everyone,

    Happy New Year! I am now getting around to building my own presets for the Oils and Watercolor brushes. At this time, I prefer to keep them in with the default brushes. To have them in a separate category would be a pain as I use the defaults along with my own brush variants.

    Now the question..... Is it possible for me to change the icon associated with user presets? If I could modify the icon besides the AR3 brush assigned by the program, I could spot mine in the list very easily. Is there a file location somewhere where I could modify the standard icons and replace them with my own? (I did that in Painter and it was ever so helpful when popping down a long list of brushes.)

    Thanks anybody, for helping out on this one.


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    Hi Jim,
    I tell you what I know by experience:

    I couldn't change the standard icon with my own icon and then I did like that:

    open the brush variant first, be sure to have it open, use it ,(to have an image for your icon)

    then go to the presets folder and delete your preset
    and close the preset folder.
    Open again your your preset folder
    start to do tour preset again :
    give a name to your preset
    and before you click OK
    you click on the standard icon that normaly appear
    and make the choice Sample preview image,
    you will see the choice of choosing an area for your icon,
    click OK and you will have your brush (or whatever) with your own icon done.

    And now you will remember that when you configure the brush you have to do the icon in the same time and not later.
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    Hi Dany51 . . .

    First, thanks for your post about how to get custom icons into AR3 brush presets.

    It works!!!!

    Actually, I was able to use the same custom brush icon that I created for use in Painter and it went right into AR3. Now the same symbol for both programs is the same! Cool!

    If I give all my presets the same beginning word.... i.e. Jim's Wash Brush, etc., they will all be grouped in AR3.

    I appreciate your taking the time and the screen pictures to lead me through the process.


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