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Thread: Can You Batch Export Layers?

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    Can You Batch Export Layers?

    It it possible to export all the layers from a painting in one go? I've been playing with some animation software and it would be really handy to have all those layers incrementally numbered, rather than pumping them out one at a time.

  2. Well, haven’t found that possibility either... exporting Layers to “Image Sequence”...?
    But, Export Image File to PSD preserves all layers in Photoshop...
    (number the layers in ArtRage / Photoshop keeps those names...)
    Very easy to create a GIF-animation...

    Import the PSD file into Toon Boom Studio 5 /
    choose “Preserve Original Layers of Photoshop Files” /
    Studio creates for each layer an Image Element /
    If one needs all layers “in-sequence” / open the Exposure Sheet and drag each PSD layer into one Element /
    click play and watch the animation...


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    Thanks Nolan

    You gave me a good nudge in the right direction there....

    I'm exporting as a PSD and have found a script for The Gimp that exports it directly into Anime Studio.....

    There is also a script that exports as PNGs

    For a free program The Gimp is fantastic!

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