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Thread: iTouch app?

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    iTouch app?

    Is there an ArtRage for iTouch? I work only with ArtRage now on my PC but the closest app I have found for iTouch is the Inspire app. Is there a better app? Will Ambient be making an iTouch app? Thanks

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    I bought all those apps and inspire is the only one that allows the brush to pick up paint "wet into wet" and has the paint "brake up" as the brush load depletes but it sure isn't ArtRage. I don't need a full feature ArtRage... Something like the PaintShopPro mixing pallet would be grand... Just the one paint brush as it performs in ArtRage. BTW the iTouch app Sketchbook is a vector app that actually works better than Brushes and Layers etc IMO. Anyway, thanks. I sure wish ArtRage would come up with a litle something for iTouch

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    Oops. I meant Paintbook above not Sketchbook. Eastern Drawing and Asian Painting are nice apps for a watercolor effect. I have purchased an awful lot of paint and draw apps for my iTouch lolling for that real paint look but so far Inspire is the only one remotely like ArtRage with a heavy emphasis on /remotely/.

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    I was kinda expecting an iPod version with the release of AR3. They allready had a mini-pc version going a few years back. But no. Not yet...

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    Sketchbook Mobile is by far the best iPhone /iTouch painting app at the moment.

    It gives you best value for money.

    Brushes is now heavily outdated. It once received attention, because of that New York Times article. But there wasn't much competition or anything better at that time.

    Sketchbook Mobile really blew all the current apps right out of the water.

    And I have Brushes, Inspire and Layers as well (bought them before Sketchbook was out).

    Before Sketchbook I used Inspire the most, as it had a really good blending engine.


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    iPhone app: Asian Painting

    I just came across this and thought someone might like to take a look. This is probably the app that momodot mentioned above. Im not sure my eyes would hold out working with that small environment, but its interesting. Theres an explanation and a brief video on the following:
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    I'm getting work done with apps I have but I sure wisht their was an ArtRage app with just the oil brush feature.

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