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Thread: AR3: Nudge Bug

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    AR3: Nudge Bug

    This is an intermittent bug incident:

    1/ Made a stencil from layer.
    2/ Selected with transform tool and selected the stencil
    3/ Nudged with arrow key

    • It only nudges on every other key stroke. The second stroke moves it 2 pixels.
    • Opening and closing file retains the bug in the file.
    • Is OK with Shift+Arrow for 10 pixel increment moves
    • I have been able to replicate this in only one other new file out of maybe ten tries.
    I have not been able to figure out the trigger. I can't make it repeatedly happen by repeating exact steps in subsequent files yet. I have copies of two errant files if you'd like them.

    AR3sp3.0.5, windows vista 32bit, 3gb ram
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