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Thread: Star Studded ~

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    Smile Star Studded ~


    As we travel along life's path that leads ~
    To our unknown tomorrow ~
    May these stars shine bright ~
    And guide your way ~
    Let a song in your heart be your credo ~

    ~ ~ ~ ~ Happy New Year ~ ~ ~ ~

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    Mairzie Dotes

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    A lovely poem and a lively painting, Mairzie. As always, you manage to blend the duel discliplines of word and art beautifully. I hope and trust you have a wonderful 2010 ahead of you.

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    Marzie thank you. Wonderful

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    Hey Mary Ann, thanks for the lovely New Year's Poem and accompanying fine painting - great to wake up to (well, we woke up late today) this late morning.

    Great to see a new post from you. I've missed you a lot recently it seems. I hope you'll drop by for some commentary soon - part of the highlights for me of visiting the forum is always your lively, inventive, fun and often uplifting take on things. Your fine poem here is an exemplary inspired example.

    Happy new year to you and thanks again for the lovely new year sentiments.
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    Appreciation fosters well-being. Be well.
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    Cute Mair
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    Mair, you have a way of preening even snowy trees. It's as if a mom had gotten her daughter ready for her first communion around 7 years old -- all dressed in the white of purity and innocence, leading into one of the early rites of passage. Included is the little vanity of the raiment of stars, holding all the good wishes one hopes for their child -- this part of the child's life being symbolic of the movement into the New Year.

    What else could one think of when considering such snow but purity, a blank canvas which will melt away and reveal what was really underneath waiting to be called back to life in the Spring. A sanctified new beginning, honored.

    Snowflakes are like stars which are like jewels when the light plays just so. They're also like little seeds of life. And Winter is the time of planting living dreams for the coming year.

    If anyone can embrace the natural cycles and personalize them, it is you. Your work, as ever, enters the realm of symbolism, and thus holds within it levels of whatever Truth we can bring to it as viewers. It's like here we are on a sled, and there you are pushing us to the crest of a snowy embankment. . . and you hop on just as you get it to the tipping point. And the ride begins.

    I love your poetic words and your allusion to stars guiding our way. As artists, I think we learn to navigate by them. . . if we know what's good for us, that is.

    Thank you for the wonderful gift. Please keep painting and writing. Missed you loads here. (Forgive me for being a little scattered. Just woke up for pity sake. . .WHERE'S MY COFFEE????? New Years Day. It's always too early in the morning no matter what time you get up.)
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    A beautiful carved painting which matches so well with your lovely, warmth and meaningful poem. I like it and can feel it deeply. I really see your sweet heart and soul in this painting before I even read Mr. D Akey fine words to describe it. Happy New Year to you and your family, Mairzie. Miss your postings here.

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    Hi Mair, happy new year!!! The poem and the painting are both wonderful, Hope you are fine, missed you too.
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    Happy New Year, Mary Ann !
    and happy paintings and poems
    "All are about quiet and light." Dany
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