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Thread: 3.0 appears very bug prone.

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    3.0 appears very bug prone.

    The program is constantly hanging. Especially when I import a modest size layer of say 1400x1200.

    The program freezes and you cant save or do anything. I am trying to use it the same as 2.5, which is to import photos of an oil painting in progress and work out some of the issues.

    I have noticed a number of other issues with layers that you are unable to select as well.

    Very frustrating to pay for the upgrade that is far less reliable than the previous version,

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    ArtRage Studio and ArtRage Studio Pro needed to have major systems rewritten to deal with all the new feature sets. Unfortunately with major system rewrites some bugs always get introduced. It is impossible to anticipate every hardware and software combination which will be used to run ArtRage, so while we make every effort to find all the bugs, some always make it through to the released version.
    We have already released one patch to solve the most immediate problems, and we will be releasing another update shortly to solve more.

    Bear in mind that you're comparing ArtRage 2.5, which has a (released) code-base of four years old with ArtRage Studio Pro which has a code-base of only a couple of week. Over the four years of ArtRage 2 we have had the luxury of over a million users finding and reporting bugs, which we have then been able to solve.
    ArtRage Studio Pro will quickly get more stable as more users submit error reports via Windows error reporting. And we will release updates which have a combination of bug-fixes and new features.

    When ArtRage 2 was released, it didn't have Photoshop layer blend modes, or stencils and rulers, or several other features. Those were added in free updates as ArtRage 2 matured into ArtRage 2.5
    We anticipate working in a similar manner with ArtRage Studio and ArtRage Studio Pro. We will make ArtRage more stable and with more features, at no cost to you.

    Regarding the specific bugs you have:
    What version of ArtRage are you using (3.0.4 or 3.0.5)? What operating system are you running it on? When is ArtRage hanging - what is visible on the screen?
    The more information you can supply, the sooner we can fix the problems for you.
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    Also what do you have running in the background, music players such windows media or ipod are a general no no whilst working on large files in my experience.
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    I bet the issue is on your end, AR is one of the most stable softwares i've ever used - Even since 2.0 i've never ever had a single issue with it, and i'm using it at work/home almost every day for doing illustrations and concepts. Check your OS, drivers, memory etc. Good luck!
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    Today I was using the flat pallet knife set at 48% and had 5 layers. The tool keeps hanging and the cursor would change from a circle with a line into just a pointer on the active layer. canvas is 1024 by 740 and resolution is 72 pixels. saving the picture, exiting and restarting always solved the problem.
    I am using windows XP with a pentium 4 processor and 1.5 meg of ram.

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    Similar happening to carlcath with PK Tool

    Similar happening to Carlcath...

    Vista Biz, 4 Ram, Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 @ 2.2GHZ
    Image size 3264 * 1664
    (Cursor behavior was normal).
    Save / restart seems to clear.

    Re S/W bugs
    This is how many are often found
    (totally normal occurence after product release)

    Plenty of other features for us to master in meantime
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    Question for those getting the hang ups. Do you have a web browser open on a website that is using flash (like the Pandora music website)? I've noticed that something with the embedded flash .swf files can sometimes interfere with ArtRage for some reason.
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    No to above but have been wondering if
    Advanced System Care / IOBIT is maybe a culprit

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    I really hate to disappoint people who are having glitches with AR, but I cannot find any glitch or problems of the above mentioned. I put AR 3.0.5 to the test and here is what I am running:

    - You tube video playing/streaming in FF 3.5.6 in the background
    - iTunes streaming a radio station
    - download manager downloading in the background
    - ArtRage 3.0.5 with a 1680x1050 canvas; 5 layers of mixed paint, water color, crayon; now mixing with the knife

    All of the above running at the same time while playing with AR for about 25 minutes now. I have not run into a single glitch so far let it be moving, resizing, mixing, painting, rotating, etc.

    I think the majority of the issue is due to a weak system/hardware or a system conflict of some sort. Some laptops or even desktops have a shared video memory as opposed to a dedicated video card. That might also contribute to problems if you trying to push the limits.

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    In fairness to all, I can say I have very few significant problems with AR3. But as a beta tester I watched while many would have no problems while some would with a particular "bug" that would eventually get traced and resolved for people with some particular mix of hardware, software, drivers, or user settings. Any number of a zillion factors could be the problem applied across so many different types and combinations of hardware, drivers, running applications, user settings, and what have you. Reporting bugs and being as specific as possible about what happens in what situations is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Specificity really helps in getting them resolved, regardless of the problem source.
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