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    Ruler Units

    Hi, Working with the ruler, not to draw lines, but to make measurements, it would be great if I could change the units from pixels ( default) to centimeters.
    Is this possible? The manual says nothing about it.
    Thanks in advance,


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    Here is a nice addition to your toolbox


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    Thanks, Hans,
    That was a fast reply,
    Because of my bad eye sight, I overlooked one thing:
    The other side of the ruler HAS centimeters. I discovered this by activating my screen loupe.
    It is a matter of rotating the ruler 180 degrees to get cm.!

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    The units on your ruler can be changed by changing the units your painting is measured in.
    From the ArtRage File menu, choose New Painting.
    In the New Painting dialog, click the 'Print Size' button.
    There is a label 'Measure in: pixels' with a button to the right of it.
    Click the button to change the units. The ruler will reflect those units.

    If you already have a painting size set up, you can use the resize painting dialog to change the units (without actually resizing the painting).
    From the ArtRage Edit menu, choose 'Resize the Painting'.
    Click the 'Print Size' button.
    Choose the 'Measure in:' units, and press OK.
    Any rulers on the painting will update, but the painting wont be resized.
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    Andy. That is a nifty trick. Did 2.5 work the same or new feature?
    Please repost in the tips section. Great one!

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