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Thread: reference image color bug

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    reference image color bug

    I was playing around, doing a little color study in my shiny new copy of Art Rage 3 (for osX) and I found a bug in the reference image feature. It seems every time an Art Rage painting with a reference image in it is saved, the reference image colors are screwed up just a little bit.

    In this screenshot the right-most reference image was added when I started the painting. Hours and multiple saves later I added a second one in the middle, saved multiple times, and finally added the third, left-most reference image.

    I was having a heck of a time matching my colors to the photo. I thought I was going nuts until I realized the bar has been moving on me the whole time!
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    That's really odd. It looks as though the Quicktime image IO is adding a colour profile on import which changes on export of the PNG reference image (used internally in the painting file format).
    Can you tell me if you have any colour profiles applied to your monitor?
    Also, can you ensure you have the latest Quicktime installed on your machine?
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    I have QuickTime™ Version 7.6.0 (1290). I am not the master of color calibration on macs though. All I can tell you is I'm using the standard 1.8 gamma setting and whatever color profile comes default on MacBook Pro laptops. If you tell me what to check where, maybe I could help you out more :-/?

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