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Thread: My first artwork "Hand"...Critiques are welcomed!

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    My first artwork "Hand"...Critiques are welcomed!

    Hello ArtRage users,
    It's my first post here and also my first artwork with ArtRage.
    Please, I need it to be criticized openly to improve my technique with experienced users' tips.
    I'm using Wacom Intuos3 6x8.
    Thank you.
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    The color tone is very good, I like how you built the color up. My critique would have to be with the shape. Fingers tend to be about the same width along the phalanges. (distal phalage perhaps excluded) Don't forget that fingers are mostly bones, with a few tendons connecting things and skin covering. They are bony things, with knobbly joints where the skin creases. You've done a great job lighting the whole, but if you add some shadows where the skin wrinkles at the joints, I think you could get a much more realistic hand in very short order.

    Well done though, and welcome to the forums!
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    Your chief problem here is that you've made the anatomy very mooshy. As a result, you made the fingers look rubbery, and smoothed the top of the palm into an impossible triangular dent, instead of what, I presume, was intended to be the tendon shadows.

    Be bold. Make things angular. Emphasize the planes and angles, not the smoothness. Don't be afraid of highlights and shadows.

    Andrew Loomis has a book called "Drawing Head and Hands". You can check it at, along with his other, more basic textbooks.

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    Smile Free books

    Arenhaus neglected to mention you can download the Andrew Loomis books in PDF format for free!

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    Well, not technically free as they are still owned by a publisher.

    However, the said publisher is sitting on the rights and not doing anything, while the remaining 40-year-old copies of the books are selling for $800... so I'd say that we have no other choice but use these guerilla e-books. At least until the publisher decides to reprint them.

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    A link to Loomis books that works ....

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    I would say for the most part you are off to a wonderful start! I like the overall feel of it, if that makes sense. If you were looking for a more realistic look I would suggest giving the joints (knuckles, wrist) a bit more attention. I do like it very much though, great work!

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