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Thread: Weak and Grey Saturation Wheels as Pickers

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    Weak and Grey Saturation Wheels as Pickers

    Being new to ArtRage, and the whole digital painting thing, I find that I'm always choosing colours that are way too bright. So the colour wheels and colour sample files from Juz were a great find for me.

    I also like to keep the samples minimized and out of the way, so I thought I'd try converting the samples to a custom picker.

    Juz specifically warned us "DO NOT sample from the colour wheel" as these colours will not be accurate. Since I'm not likely to print any of my work, the CMYK values were not so important or critical to me, so I sampled from the colour wheel (always a rebel, I guess) to make the pickers in the Gimp.

    You can get the original sample files here in the art supplies forum - I'd link to them but I don't have the power to do that yet

    So here they are... (use at your own risk )
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    337_Lee, hey these look great
    You should be ok for print with these ones too, I just like to make 100% sure as prints can be costly for people hence the warning

    Heres the links to the .col files if people would like those for their samples palette as well:-

    Weak Saturations
    Grey Saturations

    PS/ welcome to here... fabulous to see you contributing to the community straight away
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    Very, very nice indeed, Lee. A nice twist to using the Color Picker instead of the Sample pod to obtain Juz's color themes. I do like my Sample pod but I just may have to try it this way, too! Thanks!!!

    BTW....I do like your palette template...sweet...!!!

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