Hiya. Andy, I know that you said that optimising AR's memory management is a priority for the next version. I was just wondering if you are also working on improving it for the point releases?

I started using AR on an old AMD 1.5GHz/512 MB RAM XP Pro box, from version 1 to 2.1. I am not what one might call an AR "power user," to be certain (never really used a massive canvas or loads of layers), but I thought AR handled itself quite well given my paltry hardware specs.

Now I've got a Mac Pro with 2x3.00GHz dualcore Xeon processors and 2GB RAM. I just installed and started AR for the first time on this computer. I have a 500GB SATA boot drive with very little installed on it. I'm not sure if any of this matters, but as I'm still trying to figure out whether this platform benefits from defragging/partitioning like XP does, I thought I'd mention whatever might be relevant.

My point is that, like I said, I just started AR for the first time. I was using a black cel background, a canvas measuring 1024x768. I first drew a bit with a pencil, then painted a bit with a brush. Both times I was surprised to notice a bit of slow-down just at the beginning of the first stroke, as if the computer was paralysed for an instant and suddenly went oh! She's painting! Well okay then! and rushed to catch up with me. No matter what tool I use, I have a sketchy way of putting ink/paint/lead to paper, and I use lots of little, short strokes in the process. I noticed quite a bit of hard drive grinding and that momentary paralysis as I was working.

Erm.. ya. So that's it. Just reporting in. =)