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Thread: The First 2.5, The First ReDone 3.0

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    The First 2.5, The First ReDone 3.0

    I thought it would be interesting to compare how I painted my first image using 2.5 to my use of 3.0 today with the same scene. This time I used Knife and samples. What do you think?
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    Interesting. How do you feel about the difference? What do you attribute to AR3 and what to the experience of taking on the same scene a second time?
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    I like them both for different reasons. You're a solid artist, you make beauty with the tools at hand. It makes it hard to compare from an aesthetic perspective. I like David's questions - what was different for you in how each affected your approach and experience?
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    I like the first one Skylar-though they are both professionally done and beautiful in my view.

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    I think the first one is more fluid and expressive.

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