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Thread: Drag keyboard shortcut in AR3

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    Drag keyboard shortcut in AR3

    I just got the email about the special price for upgrading to ArtRage 3 and in looking over the differences I noticed that 3 lets you change keyboard shortcuts.

    Can someone confirm that you can set the hand/drag key (you know, to move the canvas around) to spacebar?

    I'm so used to that function in the Adobe products that I would gladly pay $15 just to get that in AR. It always pissed me off in AR 2.

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    You can hold down the spacebar and drag the canvas in AR2 as well as 3.

    AR3 also has a canvas mover puck. You can try it out in the demo if you want to check it first.
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    I didn't describe the problem correctly. I want to hold spacebar and drag the canvas with my tablet stylus. That doesn't seem to work in 2.5 even though spacebar and mouse-click does.

    I'll try 3 and see if it works.

    UPDATE: It does work by default in AR3. You guys can't just add that to AR2?
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    I held down the spacebar and with my stylus clicked on the canvas and could move it anywhere in 2.5.

    My stylus is so old it's considered ancient - an old wacom graphire. So maybe you should look in your tablet settings and see why yours won't do this.

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    It works fine for me as well.
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    It works on my graphire wireless as well.
    Also right click on my tablet pen or mouse also moves the canvas around.

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    We already have that functionality in ArtRage 2. It works for other users, so we'd need to troubleshoot why it doesn't work in your specific case in ArtRage 2.

    It sounds like a tablet input related problem ( ArtRage 3's tablet handling is slightly different which is probably why you're seeing a difference ) so once I know more I should be able to tell you how to make that work correctly in ArtRage 2.

    Could you let us know the following:

    What operating system are you using?
    What make and model of tablet are you using?
    What version of ArtRage 2 are you using? ( Help -> About ArtRage )
    Is your process for dragging - hold down the spacebar, touch the stylus to the tablet and move the stylus tip while in contact with the tablet to drag the canvas?
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    Hold down spacebar, put stylus to tablet, interface disappears (?), canvas doesn't move.
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    double9s I seem to remember this one.

    It works like as if you right-click on the mouse - right?
    And a text "Right Click or press Enter to..." shows?

    As I remember it Vista has a new tablet system that destroys the input.

    In AR2 try selecting Edit... Preferences... Precise Tablet Mode.
    I think that will solve the problem.

    Alternately there is a secret file you can place on your pc - info is on forum somewhere. Get back if the above doesn't work.

    Oh, and I mapped the left button on the tablet to a spacebar. That way I can move canvas without touching my keyboard. And it works. (hold key, click-move my canvas with pen).

    I too used Vista 32, Graphire 3 and ArtRage 2.5.20 - but I love AR so much I gave myself the x-mass upgrade...
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