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Thread: One Small Step

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    One Small Step

    I always like to post stories of struggle as encouragement to any others out there (lurking or not) who plod along.

    Finally, after owning my "new" tablet for a couple of months and ArtRage for about the same, I have started assigning shortcut keys to it. It took me awhile (lol!) but I now have the two things I wanted most in the world on my tablet: zooming and changing the size of the tools. I am idiotically pleased with myself.

    Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

    P.S. I read these forums every single day for the general chat, the technical and the tips. An awful lot of it flies right over my head but I figure after time some of it might start sticking. I appreciate everyone's posting. Yes, I read the manual but you can only soak in so much of that at any given time.

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    Welcome to the forums Nevermore, i no exactly what you mean, i had the table for a full two weeks and it dawned on me there is so much more to a Bamboo than moving a stylus around, i love the pop up menu
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