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Thread: Another strange behavior

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    Another strange behavior

    After several hours of no use, I switch back to AR which I have a face picture started. The drawing was invisible and when I move the cursor, some squares became visibles.
    Also some palets are not displayed as they are usually.
    Actually, the palets are becoming visible (square by square) if I move the cursor on. Also, the background paper is not displayed.
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    Click the titlebar of the application and it will redraw the contents of the canvas. There are some cases we have found where the window redraw events are not working correctly. Could you let me know what happened between you stopping using the product and starting again?

    Include information such as: Did the monitor go to sleep, did you move to another desktop using Spaces, did you launch other applications, and did you hide the application in the dock?
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    Don't remember exactly but it's mainly web with Camino and mail with Mail, PDF with Apercu. TabletDraw was launched also.
    I don't think I hide AR in the dock.

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