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Thread: More brush settings similar to the sticker matrix for all tools

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    More brush settings similar to the sticker matrix for all tools

    If Artrage had more brush options, I think it might be the best program for me as far as straight drawing/painting goes. I understand that the tools are meant to represent real media, but options like what is available in the sticker matrix(which I think is a wonderful feature) would make all the tools very versatile.
    I can accomplish a lot with just the sticker settings, using it as a "custom brush", but I would like to use the real media features of the other tools.
    The most amazing tool would be one where we could hand pick features from each tool to make a totally unique and extremely useful tool. For example: a sticker graphic with oil brush impasto and blending, water color bleeding, airbrush build up, opacity set to pen pressure, graphic angle set to pen direction.
    OK, so I got a little carried away. I will settle for the matrix on all the tools.
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    I tend to agree with you but the last thing i would want is to have all the clutter and choices of painter, or even essentials for that matter
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    When I purchased Painter I was blown away by the brush builder feature. Wow! How many choices and features! Now I finally build my perfect drawing tool!

    I never used Painter seriously.

    Same thing with the sticker variants matrix. Wow! Cool! Now I can! Now... never tried to modify a sticker. Just used pencil, oils, watercolors.

    So... for me it's yes! Add the matrix to each tool is a good enhancement to sell more copies to "Pros". But this feature should not interfere with the normal use of the application, nor slow it down.

    If a matrix choice would be available for the pencil tool, sure i'll play with it to get the "right feeling", but probably then I'll reset everything to the defaults
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    I would also love to see the option to customise brushes as per request of the original poster. Obviously not to the detriment of what is already there.

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    I don't know if we need anything as complex as the matrix -

    however enough people seem to be interested in having Pressure control the strokes Opacity that maybe this should be available in the user preferences?

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