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Thread: Judith's tutorials

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    Thumbs up Judith's tutorials

    I have to say a huge THANKS to Judith for all her hard work on the video tutorials of AR3 features here:

    She is like the Energizer bunny--she's still going and going....

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    Added thumbs up from me, and I'm sure many others will agree.
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    Although i've never said it before but Judith sold AR 2.5 to me because of her video introduction tutorial, without it i would have been lost, i'm sure the AR3 ones are just as good if not better
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    Judith's AR2.5 video tutorial sold me on purchasing it back in April/2009 as well (ditto, Silentman!). Not only are her videos and other tutorials extremely helpful but her advice and assistance in this forum are right up there with the best of the best!!!

    Thank you, Judith, for your undying dedication and love of ArtRage and sharing your expertise with the rest of the ArtRage community. It is so much appreciated and helpful!!!

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    Thank you very much!!! I fell in love with this program right from the first time I put a brush stroke on canvas and said "Wow, this is better than traditional painting."

    And the best way to really learn a program is to show people in a video how a program works.

    I couldn't have done this without outstanding manuals. Matt should have a standing ovation for what he produced!!!

    The real applause should go to the Rage Team for inventing, coding, listening to us artist types and then implementing (the best) ideas into this totally marvelous program.

    So whatever I can do to help people bring out their creative sides and "RAGE IT", I will.

    See ArtRage2.5 and 3.0 Studio Pro Tutorials:

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    A Biiiig Thank You...

    ...over the oceans from Germany, Judith!!

    Vielen vielen Dank fuer Ihre wundervollen Anleitungen!
    (=Thx a lot for your beautiful and very necessary tutorials!)

    Best wishes for you (and all readers here!!!)for 2010

    Literaturix (Klaus)

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    Same here Judith... Your tutorial videos are exceptional along with your helpful advice. Big Thanks to you!
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    Add my congratulations on your clear and easy to understand videos.

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    Well, I must visit those tutorials. I did the 2.5's. I actually got here because I had some work to do and Painter 11 cd had not arrived. I did not want to load the older versions on my laptop, so hunted for something to suffice .... well... so I am here. I like all the brushes of Painter... but there are tons of nuances AR has that prompted me to shell out the bucks for the upgrade.

    Just ordered the cintiq 6D Art Pen. I am hoping it works with AR. It does work (according to Wacom) with my Intuos 3 tablets. The other day I accidentally dropped my stylus into a cup of coffee. Well, so much for 2 seconds of coffee on a stylus. Needless to say, it disliked it. So, I quickly ran to my desktop and retrieved the stylus for the tablet for the desktop. Well, I needed a new stylus ... maybe, so I decided to try the 6d art pen. I don't know if it will work with Art Rage. I like all the tilt features this pen uses on a tablet which simulates how I work in real life. (Have a studio).

    I have trouble sometimes transitioning from real life habits to digital creation.

    Maybe the tutorials will help to enlighten me where it may take me a bit longer to discover the AR secrets.

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