After using AR3 with the new good Canvas Positioner i noticed some usability issues.

Since it's a positioning tool, it's likely to keep it on the edge of the screen, I suppose nobody is going to keep it in the center of screen because it will cover an important part of the drawing.

But keeping it on the edge will cause it to give you some limits when panning or zooming. In fact, if I keep it near the right edge of the screen, I'll be limited with panning to right because my stylus is already near the rightmost limit of the sensible surface. Hence you need to repeat small pannings making the process a bit annoying.

What about adding an auto moving panning/zooming with the speed controlled by the length of the stroke?

I'll explain: I want to pan to the right. Then I press the stylus on the panning section. Nothing happens. Now, keeping the stylus pressed, I move it slightly to the right and then keep it still. The canvas starts panning to the right. If I move further to the right, the panning will accelerate.

Similar for zooming.

What do you think?