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Thread: left hand exercise

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    left hand exercise

    oh, i forgot the ear
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    This is just so neat! I just love that hair!!! Great job, Funwulf!

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    Thanks Ei, now i need to find reference image for ear

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    did you say left hand??
    I suppose you're a righty then?
    that is so cool!

    note: I found while experimenting that if you use both hands simultaneously it is much much easier to draw, i.e. the left hand mirrors the right hand movements quite well. I find that quite interesting how our brains deal with symmetry!
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    Hi Flyashy, if only I can use 2 grip pen at the same time , I always writing left hand back when I was at early elementary school, but culture taught me to use the "right" hand, now my son randomly using left and right hand when drawing and when holding spoon. sometimes confusing.

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    Hi funwolf only hope my R/hand gets as good a lefty

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