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Thread: Enhance the pencil !

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    Enhance the pencil !


    I know I already talked about this but as I like much the pencil render, I 'm very frustrated with the offset between the cursor and the stroke when painting. It is very disappointed because as it works now, it is unusable.
    To illustrate the problem I have take a snapshot while making circles in AR. You can see the gap and it is very annoying especially when you make little strokes because you have no feedback about what you are painting.
    You said to me that you need a buffer to calculate the render but please, fill the gap with something, maybe just a simple line, but something that we can see.
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    In my case, /may be because of the long years of practice/, it doesn't bother me really - i'm watching the lines while drawing, not the cursor If you haven't brought this "issue" up, i would never notice it. Btw. if you set your pencil to "Precise" there is no gap. Good luck!
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    Of course the precise mode has no gap or less but lacks the pencil specific aspect which I like.
    And if I look at the line instead of the cursor, well it's weird unless you draw only straight lines because when you start to turn, the stroke is still going straight.
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    I'm not getting a gap anywhere near as severe as your screenshot when I test it so, given that you are experiencing other problems as well this is almost certainly due to your specific computer settings.

    We need to get more information from you regarding your tablet setup because it sounds like there is a problem there. Please contact so that we have your email address and we can go through troubleshooting steps with you directly.
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    Thought I would show what I get with my old graphire and my Win XP system. There is no lag on my machine:
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    groumpf - the gap on my Mac is the exact width of the cursor cross-hairs. It's as if the cross-hairs are hiding the line. As soon as I lift the pen the line is completed that last millimeter to the center point.

    I had all kinds of lag with an older system that made working in large sizes nearly impossible and, in small sizes, simply unpleasant. This was true for Artrage as well as Photoshop, Painter, Scribbles, etc. Perhaps you are experiencing the same issue which would mean it's time for a new machine.

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