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Thread: Tanja's Last Breath and the Sun Bather

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    Tanja's Last Breath and the Sun Bather

    Now something completely different from Briex' hand.

    Tanja passed away last Christmas. Tanja was a hippo who lived happily for more than 42 years in Artis, the Amsterdam Zoo. The recent weeks she suffered a skin disease which she did not come over. The vet had to give her up and let Tanja sleep forever. In this modern art you see red and black with 3 white Andreas crosses which symbolizes the Amsterdam city flag. The title 'Tanja's last breath' speaks for itself.

    The other modern painting is the Sun Bather.

    Those paintings are made in oil brush only, direct on canvas, no sketches made in advance. Enjoy them.
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    I enjoyed looking at these. The second one in particular is so Vibrant and colorful, and looking around to try to find the sunbather ( never did, which makes it kind of fun that way) made me appreciate the way you have designed the piece to move the eye around the canvas without letting it leave the artwork.
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    Briex, I suspect there is an abstract expressionist hiding in your skin. Stunning work.

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    Cool works.

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    Hey Briex, What DOC said.
    Terrific. Gave me big smiles.
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    That's nice coloring. Welldone! Poor hippo tho.
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    Stunning colors great abstracts.

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    I love both of these. Would love to see you post more of your abstracts
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