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Thread: Wacom tablet and brushes with 3.05

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    Wacom tablet and brushes with 3.05

    Bought Studio Pro 3.05 .. did have Artrage 2.5. Hadn't been painting for awhile but decided to give it another shot.

    I have a Wacom Intuos tablet and was dismayed to discover the brushes don't tilt with the pen.

    Is there a setting somewhere to make the brush follow the tilt of the pen?

    Sometimes the brush gets in the way like when trying to trace. I suppose I should use a pen for that but I was using the brush and IRL (in real life ) I could hold the brush tilted toward me and smoosh it along a line with no problem. But here the brush won't tilt or follow the styles at all. Just one position it seems.

    Doesn't work for left handed people either as it seems the tools can only be used in right handed mode.

    More brush shapes would be nice too. And to be able to choose your paint medium then use any brush shape.

    This is with Windows 7 64 bit and Wacom Intuos tablet.
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    Could you let me know what is having a problem in left handed mode? I'm not sure of the exact issue there.

    Tilt isn't used in many of the tools currently, the airbrush is the main tool that supports it.
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    While you can certainly undock the various palettes in the application; you cannot move the little buttons for additional minimized palettes. Secondarily there is only the option to dock the tool palette to the default corners.

    Being able to rotate the corner palettes is fantastic but unless we can dock these things and have those preferences remembered its kind of pointless.

    As a left-handed person I've had to learn to adapt to a ridiculously large number of things on the computer from translate widgets in 3d apps pointing in the wrong direction; to tool palettes that put the most important stuff near the work for right-handed people, but completely out of my way as a left-handed person.

    Tool selection for me using the tablet is borderline painful (especially the pencil tool) because I have to distend my wrist inward. Even in the best case, where I can move my arm completely off the board, selecting tools should be as elegant as the rest of the application.

    Maybe you guys can either make these things work for both types of people; learning to paint with my right hand doesn't seem like a great investment at this point for me.


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    brush tilt and left handed

    Brushes should follow the stylus tilt. The way the brush is held and tilted makes a difference in how paint is applied and looks in real life. Not being able to tilt the brush means you can't get it out of your way. Try painting along a line you have traced. If you start at the left and paint to the right the brush covers up what you are trying to follow.

    Sometimes, in real life, I switch the brush to my left hand when working on the right side of a picture. Being somewhat ambidextrous it is easier than trying to contort things around to get in the right position with a right handed approach. Yes, I suppose you can rotate the picture around and work upside down on things but that isn't the best in solution.

    I haven't found a button anywhere or menu choice of any kind to switch to a left handed mode.

    Would really really really be nice if you gave brushes the ability to follow the tilt and position of the stylus. If you can do it with the airbrush I would think it would be do-able for regular brushes also.

    And many people would like a left handed option I'm sure.
    My artistic ability is strained to draw stick figures.

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    I think your talking about the tool style cursor, whilst i hear what your saying a temporary fix is selecting a different type of cursor, such as the precise one, this will remove the tool being in your face problem, i really can't use the tool shaped cursors, i found them too distracting, i end up looking at them rather than what i'm doing
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    Another option is to rotate the canvas with the canvas positioner in the menu bar.
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