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Thread: Color slider... Sugg...!!

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    Color slider... Sugg...!!

    Hi Artrage Friends,

    I have a suggestion to you. It's about the way to pick a color with a pen in the color picker.
    For me, it's very difficult, when i look around with a pen, to choose a specific one because the dot moves.. I have to take the mouse but even like this, it's not so precise..

    Could you add 2 buttons to help, the way i've shawn it on the picture and could you enlarge a little the color slider.

    Otherwise, the Numeric color picker is very important.

    Thanks a lot to tell me..


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    I have also thought about this problem, and one thought which came to mind is to simply REDUCE THE SCALE of the mouse or pen input when dragging a slider or inside the color picking pie.

    While you're dragging inside a widget, the OS cursor is hidden, and you simply do your own math to determine a "virtual" drag location based on the actual motion of the OS drag. For every N pixels actually traveled, just move the slider's actual position N/S pixels (where S is a scaling factor). All drags start relative to the point where the drag began.

    Even a scale of 1.5 or 2.0 can really enhance the sense of control of fine adjustments with the pen or mouse, without causing a sense of discontinuity or dissonance in the user. I've used this in a couple other little apps I've written.

    My only concern with this is how close the color picker is to the bottom and right edges of the screen. For those using tablets on screen/absolute mode, or for mice, this means the pen runs out of real-estate before a scaled rightward/downward drag can complete. For this, I would say that the color picker should be separable from the rim of the ArtRage window just as the layers window is freely floating. (This can also reduce the back-and-forth problem if you like changing colors often.)
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    I'm cool with the colour picker... it's the luminence slide that is pretty difficult to use. It requires a VERY precise placement of the pen, and I really don't like stopping my free-flow drawing or painting to be precise.

    I just wanna smack my pen down in the general vicinity of the luminence window, and BANG!

    Any way of making that slide wider?

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