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Thread: Bug report (minor): Color/Tool Picker in Clear Canvas mode

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    Exclamation Bug report (minor): Color/Tool Picker in Clear Canvas mode

    I think there is a minor bug with the Color Picker in Clear Canvas mode.

    Try this:
    0. Color Picker in "Stick To Default Edge".
    1. Press Enter to go into Clear Canvas mode.
    2. Press shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+Right to show the Color Picker.
    Bug: The Color Picker is only shown for 1 second, but then it fades out again. You are unable to pick any colors while it is shown.

    This only happens when "Stick To Default Edge" is selected. If I "Tear Off Edge" and press Ctrl+Alt+Right in the Clear Canvas mode, then the Color Picker is shown and I am able to select colors.
    Alternatively one can use the Ctrl+Alt+Click feature to show the Popup Color Picker.

    The same goes for the Tool Picker (Ctrl+Alt+Left) in Clear Canvas mode.
    Panels like Color Samples or Layer Panel are shown however. Just not the Color/Tool Picker.

    I am Using ArtRage 3.0.5 Studio Pro on Windows Vista.
    Can anyone confirm this? Mac users?

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    Everything works fine on my end.

    The shortcut for bringing up and holding the color picker on the screen is supposed to be Ctrl+Alt+LEFT click and hold. Releasing the left mouse button is supposed to make the floating color picker vanish. This works the same way, with the panel color picker docked or not.
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    Ctrl+Alt+LEFT click and hold shows the Pop Up color picker. As I wrote that works.

    I am talking about the normal Color Picker (that triangular thing in the button right corner). I'd like it to stay.

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    Make Color Picker VISIBLE

    Color picker must "float" - "TEAR OFF EDGE", to be visible in Clear Canvas Mode

    Then use the shortcut (Ctl-Alt-Right Arrow), to toggle on/off

    See the post I made earlier. I'm new to Forums, and don't know how to post links, etc., yet.


    Doodls - I just reread your post and see you understand this already. Just "drag" the CP to wherever you want, by the collapse panel handle
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