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Thread: Drawing/Fill Question

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    Drawing/Fill Question

    Hello ArtRagers!!!

    I just purchased Art Rage and am loving it thus far. My only problem is that I end up with white lines between the black lines I draw and then color I use to fill a section. I've been using the pencil to draw and then I'll use the fill bucket to fill an area, but I end up with a white line that between the fill section and the black pencil line.

    I'm sure this is a simple question, but I just can't seem to figure this one out.

    Thanks ahead of time for the help!!!

    Happy Holidays.

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    Open the Settings panel when the fill tool is active. Turn up "Spread" to make AR consider more shades of grey (such as those found around your antialiased black line) part of your colourless background. If you are filling black-on-white line art and the area you are filling doesn't directly touch any other colour than black, you can safely turn this up fairly high. If necessary, disable "Antialias Edge" too.

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    What Danny said: will get you good to go in most cases.

    If you still find errant pixel areas that you just can't work out I've solved the problem usually by creating a layer underneath the line and fill layers, selecting the ink pen set at 100% opacity, sampling the fill color, then using the pen on the lower layer fill in that errant white. When I'm happy with the results I merge the layer with the fill and line layers.

    It seems the lower the painting's resolution the more of these pixels you have to fight. It isn't unique to ArtRage. I hate this problem - I'm very picky about it. But Danny's suggestion (play with those dials in the settings panel for the fill tool), coupled with my little cleanup approach when necessary, does help a lot.

    For fun effects you can also use different colors rather than the original fill color to fill those little gaps. This can really spice up some geometrical abstracts.

    You can see how I have addressed your problem in the image at . Every butting edge was with the fill tool and left significant white lines I was not able to adequately eliminate in the settings. The inkpen on underlayer approach pretty much fixed the problem. Its a pretty quick fix when all else fails. It's now a routine clean-up step for me given the types of paintings I produce.
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