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Thread: Canvas settings in bottom layer window?

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    Canvas settings in bottom layer window?

    I've been thoroughly enjoying the new Art Rage Studio Pro! However, I do have a question:

    Should I not be seeing the color/texture of the canvas in the bottom layer in the Layer panel when I've selected such thru "Canvas Settings"? I just checked in AR2.5 and I do see at least the color in that layer. But now in AR3, all I see is the "transparent" grid plus any strokes I may have made in that layer (my canvas does reflect the settings, btw).

    Thanks again,

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    Hi Barbara,
    Mine does the same so I assume it's normal for v3.

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    I think that's because you can see it on the canvas in the Window.

    For instance, if you set it to course and change color it will show in the Window.

    Plus, on each layer you can change the "Edit the canvas texture" (lower right box on each layer) so even if you have a course weave to start out with your other layers could be changed to like fine or cel and the tool will apply the paint to go along with what you've selected.

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