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Thread: New Update = Wonderful!!!

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    New Update = Wonderful!!!

    I've been dinking around with it for a couple of hours now. I love it. I love it!

    Must dink around more, but I'm excited by the changes. Well done!

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    I am pretty excited with it too. The inclusion of the layer modes was awesome. It is actually faster than the old one as well. I am hoping that they increse the bit depth sometime ( i think it is only 8 bits at this point) also masks would be great. But for the time being i am happy. I use Artrage for all my color work now.


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    Hey Sorry to hijack this thread about the new version.

    The drawing was inked in in the old fashioned way with pens. I just did the color work with Artrage 2. I am really stoked with artrage actually.

    A few requests i think masks are in order. Also if there was just a way to draw opaque lines withoutht the brush dynamics would be great (something simple I know but i dont think it would be hard to do)


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    Wow! Really clean looking colours there DannyM

    Thank you for the kind words, both of you!
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