Yeah, I know that many of these have already been requested, and I'm just adding my voice to those, but I think there are a couple of unique items on this list. I promise not to nag. After 50 years of not doing any drawing/sketching/painting, ArtRage has inspired me to start exploring those things, both in the virtual world and with actual physical media.

The ability to do notched chisel and carpenters type pencils
Different eraser types (kneaded, Pink Pearl, electric stick)
An erasing shield
ink pens with different nibs
technical pen
virtual curve guides and rulers
watercolor pencils (which of course would also imply watercolors and a wet brush)

I've also been getting into serigraphy, and was wondering about the possibility of some screen printing/stenciling type tools. Currently it's a rather roundabout process to create artwork, take it into a second program to create separations to use as stencils, then import those grains as separate layers in ArtRage and use the paintroller tool to pull a virtual print.

Anyway, there's a wish list up for critique or (hopefully) constructive suggestions.

Thanks to the Rage team for an extremely cool tool!