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Thread: Artrage 3 and user limit

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    Artrage 3 and user limit

    Good day artists and programmers
    I really liked artrage it was like my fav program I used it alot but I used free ones so I decided to buy one for christmas problem is I have more than one pc but I wanna install it on all of them.

    I want artrage 3 studio pro its kinda expensive I cant buy all of them.
    So can I use 1 art rage 3 for 2 or 3 pcs atleast 2.

    As soon as you tell me this I will buy.

    Thx for your time.

    I hope one day I will join this place as an artist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue2volf View Post
    I want artrage 3 studio pro its kinda expensive I cant buy all of them.
    It's like saying...I want all my family members to have cars. The problem is, I can't buy 4 cars because that would be kind of expensive.

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    As I understand it YOU may install it on more than one machine, but YOU may only use it on one machine at a time.

    In this thread ( #48:
    MattRage: "The ArtRage license is a single user license so if you use more than one machine and need to install on them for your own use (say a laptop and a desktop machine) that's fine. We will also continue to allow downloads for both supported platforms from your license, so if you use a Win desktop and OSX laptop for example that will be supported.".
    In the License Agreement for ArtRage 3.0.4 Studio Pro - that you most likely read while installing, yeah right - it states:
    By accepting this license agreement, you agree not to:
    3. Use or permit the use of the Program on more than one machine at a time.
    Don't know about Studio or trial version license.

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    Thx DoodLS and IrishRose61
    So I could install them all but able to use one actively fine its how my games work too *steam*.

    *This account currently used on another place*
    *Unable to launch*

    Thats cool
    Ok now to buy it and having fun.

    Thx for your times of typing.

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