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Thread: Saving Personal Notes in AR3

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    Saving Personal Notes in AR3


    First off, I have to say that AR3 is simply smashing software! Thank you AR Team!!!

    Ok, I have a tendency of working on several projects at once. Over time, I forget some of the details of the projects- tools used, layer details, color palettes, etc.

    When I set up a project, I create a folder called Support Files in which I dump anything associated with that particular project. When I am motivated to work on it again, I reference all the files in that Support Files folder and woosh, I am good to go again.

    Is there any way to make notes IN AR3 that get saved with the art work aside from adding text layers with these notes? Adding text layers complicates the layers window and is more time consuming to execute.

    Any ideas? Anybody?

    Happy Holidays!

    Jim Gahl

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    Assuming you're using a tablet why not just scribble your notes with the pencil tool ? I think it'd be more immediate than using the text tool.

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