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Thread: Can't Select Layers correctly

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    Can't Select Layers correctly

    First off i just have to say that I almost hurt myself moving to fast when i heard that artrage 3 was announced. I have been anticipating its release for quite some time now.

    I am having a problem though with the layers. Once i create a layer i can paint and do all the stuff i want to with it. But once i move to another layer I cannot go back or select another layer. When i do click on another layer to select it the settings of that layer come up but it doesn't select that particular layer anymore.

    Is anyone else having problems like this? Or am I doing something wrong?

    My only other question is how do I flip horizontally. I see the H key still gives you a preview of the image but the only way I can see to flip the image is by using the new controlller ( which I cannot get working either).

    Im on OSX 10.5.6 running a dual G4.

    Otherwise I am completely stoked about the new release and cant wait to get painting.

    -Danny M

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    This is a bug some other users on PPC Macs have reported. We have a fix for it, and we will be releasing an update to ArtRage hopefully this week which will solve this bug (and a few others).

    Sorry for the inconvenience - we'll have a fix for you very soon!
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