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    Saving selections...

    3Hi. I am working in AR 3 Studio and have a painting in which I use a square selection to make a border I want to keep free from the paintwork within the selection.
    Each time I re-open the file I have to create the selection again, because it seems not to be saved with the file.
    Is there a way to save selections? In Photoshop they are stored as channnels. Is this possible in ArtRage 3 Studio or ArtRage 3 Studio Pro?
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    While you currently cannot save selections in ar3... you may be able to figure out a workaround.

    For instance, you could fill the square selection with paint and then turn on the layer's preserve transparency feature. Now you have a mask of the border around the square and you can paint away on that layer without effecting the frame outside the square.

    If you wanted to select the transparent area of the frame around the square you could use the magic wand to select that area. Unfortunately on subsequent layers you would have to return to this layer to make the selection again.

    Another idea would be to do a select inverse after making the initial square selection and filling the inverse of the square selection with white. Turn off the layer visibility on that layer for working... but you always have that frame saved on a separate layer.
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    I use the selection tool a lot to build very complicated selection areas that couldn't possibly be rebuilt if the selection is lost. Consequently, I always use a blank layer, fill in the selected areas in solid black with the ink pen, and make a stencil. It takes under a minute and no matter how complex the select area, I avoid disaster. After I make the stencil, I usually delete the layer, though I might keep it around if it is really complex and I want to some easy adjustments for creating a new stencil.

    This even works with the feathering selections for the most part.
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    Like Byron, I tend to use the stencils for this sort of thing. I fill the selection on a separate layer using the Fill Tool or painting it in with another tool and then turn it into a stencil. When it's not needed, I just hide the stencil (via shortcut key or stencil panel).

    You could also fill the selection on a layer on top of all the other layers you're working on. This can act as a mask while you work on the layers beneath it. When you've completed the rest of the layers, select the top layer (the layer which you filled your selection in on) by going to Edit > Select Layer Contents to select the painted area and then delete the top layer and merge the rest. Now hold Ctrl and hit "X" to cut away the area that is selected, leaving the empty border.
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    Thank you all.
    This is good advise. I am inclined to use the stencil trick. That has the advantage I can use it again for another painting.


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