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    Thank you!

    I simply want to thank all of you generous and talented Ragers for making available all the tutorials. I personally am rather thick headed and cannot always understand what the manuals tell us. I am a visual learner and the videos, etc., are a tremendous help.

    I also want to say a big THANK YOU to the Rage guys for such a truly monumental program such as AR3. I cannot begin to imagine all the work that went into this most enjoyable program. It gives all of us who want to be creative a chance to exercise that desire. Thank you again and again.

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    Thumbs up

    And I am right behind the both of you, Bobbi and Rose! THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK and all who have contributed in all the wonderful videos and tutorials as well as all of the incredible user-generated stencils, papers, canvases, palettes, stickers, etc!!! I say this for ArtRage in general - for AR2 and AR3!!!

    I also want to extend the many thanks to the ArtRage dudes for putting out a fantastic product and let you know that AR3 rocks!!! I also have to say the AR3 manual has greatly improved from the 2.5 version and anyone can pretty much fine all the information they need there on how to use AR3 such as all the different settings definitions for all of the awesome tools and such. (I highly recommend anyone who has questions regarding some of the meanings of these settings to go there first - just do a "FIND" to make it easier!!!)

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    Thanks Bobbi, but i don't believe for a min your thick, your an awesome Artist and have moved my emotions many times with your paintings
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    I will echo my thanks both to the Rage team for their remarkable software and to all the people who have made so many fantastic tutorials that enhance the pleasure and performance of its use. Likewise I'll extend a thanks to the quality of spirit and camaraderie found here by all the forum participants. You put all that together and the "Artrage" world has become a high-quality, quality-of-life experience that touches my life daily in countless positive ways. It's certainly a much bigger and richer experience than I considered awaited me for plopping down $25 to try out a piece of digital art software late one night when I stumbled upon it accidentally while surfing the web. It almost seems cosmic.

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    You are not thick headed. People have three ways of learning

    Sight - reading manuals
    Auditory - through sound
    Kinesthetic - by doing

    One of these will be dominant.

    I happen to be a sight person. I absolutely adore reading manuals.

    That's why I love doing videos. People can see and hear and then do

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