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Thread: AR3 - transparent stencil

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    AR3 - transparent stencil


    I've been away from ArtRage for few years so I don't remember exactly how stencils used to work back in the ice (r)age. I have upgraded to AR3 now (that Kagi promotional action is working guys) and was playing with stencils:

    1) open a stencil and paint over it as usual
    2) hold the H key to flip the image for few seconds - stencil disappears
    3) release the H key - the stencil is invisible but still working, i.e. it blocks the paint as before

    is this a bug or a feature? if it's a bug, is it possible to turn it into a feature? 'cause not having the stencil visible is quite handy sometimes, I like it.

    I'm running XP SP3 32bit

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    It's a glitch. It's supposed to return back to the screen once the image is flipped back.

    I echo this becoming a type of feature though, in terms of being able to edit the opacity and tints of the stencils, which has been suggested a few times by various people over time here at the forums. Sometimes it becomes difficult to see what one is accomplishing under the stencils, especially when using a stencil to add a bit of texture to something.
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