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Thread: Getting over smudge..

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    Getting over smudge..

    Bought Studio this week and love it. I've always been a fan of Artrage for my Tecra Tablet PC but not I'm looking into replacing PS on my Mac. I can't seem to get over my dependency on the smudge tool in Photoshop. What are the best workarounds? Do I need to upgrade to Pro to get them?


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    The palette knife in the AR3 pro version has a multiplicity of settings that for me accomplish intentions in the smudge tool but are several steps further beyond. I'm not a PS pro, so some of those guys will probably answer this question better than me. But from my limited use of PS I think you'll find AR3 pro gets you more than what you're looking for via the new palette knife when your looking for smudging. I'll be curious myself what the PS pros in this forum have to say.
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    I know it feels a bit strange not to have regular smudge at first. As Byron mentioned, palette knife is definitely a way to go. Check out these threads for further ideas, , .

    I'm particularly fond of type 1 palette knife. Type 5 is cool too. The idea is that when you blend, you have to break up the boundary a bit and then smooth it. Ie. if you have two horizontal blocks of different colors and want to blend between them, move the paint around vertically a bit using the palette knife and after that "paint" some horizontal strokes to smooth the result.
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