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Thread: how can i make this better

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    how can i make this better

    My third pic with artrage..its part of abigger pic eventually...i'm addicted lol..
    It looks ok, but i cant seem to get the shading/highlighting right to bring it to life. Suggestions most welcome
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    for me, I get lighting by adding a new layer over the layer you want lit by,

    (AR3) right clicking the new layer, hovering blend mode and clicking soft light, and painting in bright garish colors the color of the light (or shadow) you want to add.

    (AR2) left click the little left arrow on the new layer, click the box beside the word Blend: (usually Normal if you haven't messed with it) going to blend modes, and then soft light, and painting in bright garish colors where you want the light.

    Hope that helps!
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    You situated the track too high and is floating,
    I did a quick sketch which can give you some idea ,
    you can do whatever you like using layers and transform layers.

    Is good to have few colors but is better if you try to have a general harmony on your canvas,
    it can be also good if you introduce new colors , in harmony with the ones that You already used.
    Good luck to your work and exercise,
    is better to begin each time a different variant and to save them as variants.

    Happy Holidays !
    Happy New Year 2010 !
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