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Thread: Layering Glitch

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    Layering Glitch

    Hello everyone. I have just noticed a small glitch in my AR3 Studio edition for MAC OSX when it comes to the layer's menu.

    When I go to select a layer, it always jumps down to the bottom-most layer and I can't select the ones on top without adding a new layer or deleting the old one.

    I have tried the keyboard shortcut to see if I could select this way and its not working. I can merge and delete layers like normal, I just cannot select and edit them.

    Is there a way I can fix this error?

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    If you're using a PPC Mac, a bug has been reported where the layer stack will only allow you to select the bottom layer.
    This bug will be resolved in a service release of ArtRage which we aim to have released before xmas.
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