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Thread: Felt Pen and Wacom

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    Felt Pen and Wacom


    I just upgraded to Studio Pro from ArtRage Pro 2.5, and I really like this version. My favorite new tool has to be the Gloop Pen--I don't think I've seen anything like it before!

    Anyway, I'm writing to ask about a problem I'm having with two presets for the Felt Pen brush.

    On my laptop with a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet, I can't seem to get the Blending Markers or the Soft Marker to work properly. When using a stylus, both of these tools are drawing with a thin solid line (like 1 pixel wide,) with pressure chaging the size of the brush. With a mouse, however, these presets seem to work as expected; the brushes have constant 'thick' size, and they function as described by their preset names. By the way, the laptop is a duo core system with XP Professional sp3 installed.

    When I got home from work, I installed ArtRage 3 on my workstation, which is a quad core system with Vista Ultimate (x64) installed. With this system, I use a Cintiq instead of the Intuos 3, but I'm getting the same results when drawing with the Blending Markers or the Soft Marker presets--solid thin lines with pressure controlling size. As with the XP Pro system, the mouse seemed to work properly with these presets.

    On the Vista system, I tried adding the no_ink.inf but that didn't seem to make any difference. On both systems I tried disabling Precise Tablet, but that didn't make any difference either. I also tried disabling Use Ink services on both systems, but again no difference when using the tablets.

    Also, I have the latest Wacom drivers installed, which were downloaded from the Wacom website.

    Any helpful advice is appreciated.

    By the way, I noticed that ArtRage 3's window location now persists on my Cintiq display! Version 2.x always reverted to my primary monitor, which was very annoying. Thanks for fixing this issue.

    Keep up the fantastic work guys!
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    No response yet, but I'm guessing that's because it's the weekend.

    I'm going to test AR3 on my workstation at work this afternoon and with a different Wacom tablet. I suspect I'll see the same results though, as I think these two presets are just bugged for the Felt Pen brush.

    Also, I haven't tested all the presets with the various Wacoms yet, but I'll do that today.

    I made my own presets (thank you for finally adding this feature) and removed the two bugged ones, but I still hope this is fixed in a future release. BTW, is there a way to customize the icons like the preinstalled presets? Not a big deal of course, but just curious.


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    Can you post an image of the problem you're seeing with the presets?

    There isn't a way to change the image in a preset directly, however you can select the preset, save it under a different name (in a new group if you want them all grouped together), and capture a new image by clicking on the image icon in the new preset dialog.
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