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    Export and import

    I'm glad ambient design is different, I have so much fun exporting and importing files in AR, it's not like in those other boring programs where you just load and save files independent if they are native files or not.

    I'm glad this option is back for AR3, imagine what would happen if people pressed Control+L and they could load PTG, PSD, PNG, JPEG... all in the same window! It would be so confusing and I could even overwrite a file by mistake when saving.

    My suggestion is to keep this option for all the next AR versions! Group hug <3

    Serious though, you guys are so smart that can make the best watercolors brush out even if it's a perfect circle yet you can't even make AR to be able to load and save all the compatible files? People have to Import and Export?
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    The 'save' and 'export' functions were differentiated to make it clear that data is lost with formats other than the ArtRage Painting (ptg) file format.
    The alternative is to pop up a warning that saving in certain formats loses information, but that can be a break to workflow as well.

    While many of the users of ArtRage are professional users, many other users are very new to digital painting and may not appreciate the importance of saving and loading projects in their native ptg format.
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