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Thread: Ultra limited AR3 demo

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    Ultra limited AR3 demo

    Are you guys so insecure about it that you don't even let people test it in full for 30 days? We have size limit for imported PSD files, can only export in JPEG and watermarked in both corners, plus if that wasn't enough it still is time limited for 30 days.

    Corel lets people test Painter in full, Adobe the same,, Autodesk...

    With such a limited demo like this you might as well not let people try it and just post videos and screens.
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    Don't forget that you can still get a unlimited-use free version of AR 2.5. That's much more than Corel does.

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    The companies that you mentioned are all much larger companies.. Look at how many Pirated copies of all their products are floating around.

    I think that the AR3 trial is close enough to the real thing that you can get enough of a "taste" for or against it. it IS just a trial.

    I had a day or so to use the trial version before i could upgrade.. I thought it was just fine. It was enough to test the software out. i'd say that the demo would have been enough for me to decide to buy or not buy the software.

    So , i don't really get where you are coming from? AR3 isn't produced by any of those other companies... and just because THEY do it one way ... The AR team can CHOOSE not to.

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    Just my opinion.


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    The comparable product at Autodesk, Sketchbook Pro is a 15 day trial
    They only have a 30 day trial on their massive products like 3dstudio Max and one could not hope to scratch the surface of a product like that in 30 days.
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    From a developer's point of view...

    I feel the need to comment from a small developer's point of view. AR3 is put together by a small team, not a big corporation. They can't afford to have their trial date limitation cracked and lose the revenue. Putting out a limited trial makes it much less likely that people are going to crack the trial and distribute it. That doesn't mean the cracking scene won't eventually have full copies of ArtRage floating around, it just makes it more difficult for them to do it... they'll need to buy a full version first (and crackers are notoriously cheap). Having an extra layer of anti-crack prophylactic by releasing only a limited trial doesn't hurt in this situation.
    As has been said earlier in the thread, you can get a full copy of ArtRage 2.5 free. Also, the low cost of ArtRage Studio Pro means that even if you work at a fast-food joint, you can afford it on a single day's wages. You can even buy the less-limited Studio version and then upgrade to Studio Pro later.
    Small dev teams need the money generated by their efforts, and they can't afford to defer payment on a sale. Thus, their strategy is geared to just give you a "taste" rather than putting a full-featured product in your hands, in the hope that you'll pay the (very reasonable) cost of a license.

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    Why do people who have no intention of buying want to dictate how a program should be sold.

    This mentality tightens my jaws!

    The Rage Team has worked for 2 years to produce an art program that is far beyond what other art programs can do. Even if every registered member bought the full version, it still wouldn't adequately repay them for the time spent.

    ArtRage is a work of love. I can feel it in every stroke I paint!

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    Don't you hate it when you go to the car dealership and they don't allow you test drive the car for the day, without the stickers on the windows and the dealer along for the ride? I mean seriously... How do they expect someone to know if they like a vehicle if they don't let one drive it at it's top speed on the highway while eating a burger and talking on their cell phone?
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    Furio, I think you would have gotten a kinder reception if you hadn't started with such an irate tone.

    And frankly, I think you're comparing apples to oranges. Artrage is the most phenomenally good value I've ever seen for a painting program. The pro edition costs all of $80 while the last upgrade I purchased for Painter cost me $200.

    Seriously, the demo should be enough of a taste to let you know if you're willing to pay the incredibly small sum of $40 or $80.

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    Well there are other small teams working on very popular programs out there, it's not my fault if most of you guys are ignorant of them, see that nice smooth inking pen in AR3? AD got the inspiration from another program which was designed and programed by a single person and he still puts out a fully available demo that you can save full high-resolution PSD files for 30 days, so that labor of love bs, small dev team doesn't apply to COMERCIAL programs.

    How would a person know if AR3 is for them if they can't even test the trial demo because they aren't able to load their multi layer high-resolution PSD files? It's a ridiculous dumb decision to put a size limit for loading of PSD files, something unseen that only a cynical person would remember of doing, for the following reasons:
    1) It can only export to JPEG in demo mode and it has compression so it's no good for printing if that was AD fear.
    2) It pastes watermarks on both corners so you wouldn't put that out anyway.

    You need to test it to see if your computer is capable of handing AR3 loaded with your layered work files. You need to remember that some people actually draw and paint instead of pasting 3D renders and using the stencils for everything.

    So yeah my initial question is very valid, if ambient design is happy with this odd insular model then see how long they last without real pro artists support.
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    Trolls are so cute.

    Sounds like you've already decided that there are better options for you, so how's about you move along now?

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