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Thread: Regular Gallery & After 9 Gallery

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    Regular Gallery & After 9 Gallery

    Is there any way we can have a regular gallery and an after nine gallery? One of the things that appealed to me here, was the fact that when I logged on I could pick and choose what to view. Many art forums that are out there-pornography is visible on the front page. Don't misunderstand me please, I don't care what some people enjoy drawing or viewing-no judgements or anything of that nature, it is just I believe it to be more tasteful to have certain types of artwork behind the curtain so to speak. This is not meant to come across as hostile.

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    I thought we still did have the "After 9" section. I was just in it. If you don´t log in as a registered user, the "After 9" gallery isn´t available.
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    Now that ArtRage Studio Pro is out the door we can focus on more of the community aspects.
    We're looking into improving our gallery support.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew Foster View Post
    Scott, I think Alexander is tactfully mentioning that people such as myself
    have been duplicated latest artworks (nudes, erotic emphasis) both as
    after9 posts AND uploading into the global gallery as an archive of work.

    I agree with you Alexandra. As a newb member, I have no wish to
    take liberties with the forum's identity.
    I just realised that my pictures show up in a summary of latest uploads.
    I know they aren't appropriate for an all age forum...and this AR forum
    should be a straightforward place for artists of all ages. So i've deleted
    them, and I'll post similar work solely as attachments in the after9 section.
    Sincere appologies for not sussing this earlier.

    You are an admirable gentleman Mr. Foster.

    Great you'll be able to attend to the larger community aspects. Your team and the character of the members who participate here has already done so much to keep this an inviting space that can support a wide range of views in a world where differences are too often settled with guns. The U.N. could take some lessons from this place.
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    And we do know that when one is not logged in After Nine is not visible to viewing.

    Confused me a few times too back when they started that forum.

    I think when things are very abstract, it is very modest except in the thinking:

    "That there woman's nekkid as a jaybird!"
    ""I'm looking at a nude? You're kidding. . ."
    "How can ya tell?"
    "Step back a few feet. Now tilt your head to the left."
    "Uhhhh. . .'fraid not."
    "Here, have a glass of wine. . .Now look."
    etc. . .

    But I get the spirit of the question. And I agree. Even the implication of nudity could present awkwardness for some especially when showing the art on the site to a kid. All arguable based on where one is coming from. But this is in fact a commercial venue. And most of us have no axes to grind.

    The solution ArtRage came up with After Nine seems very fair, IMHO.
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    Dear Matthew, I would never want you to delete your work!! No, I was just inquiring if there could be a separate gallery for this type of art. I really enjoying viewing everyone's paintings, and never wish to deny anyone's creativeness, it is just that I do have a young one, and would love to show him the gallery. My apologies sir.
    I agree with Byron, this should be a kind discussion, no flamer.
    I feel that everyone should be able to do what they wish, just have the appropriate areas for nudity maybe.
    So sorry for the misunderstandings.

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    I agree that having an after nine gallery seems almost irrelevant if folks are allowed to post the works in the user gallery where any under age member can get bombarded with those images by just doing a search of newly added work.
    My point being that not all artwork with nudity is a thing of beauty and can also be a bit much for the young folks. There is a lot of beautiful classic art with nudity, but I have seen some stuff in the user gallery that certainly goes beyond what I would have wanted my kids looking at.
    Thanks for bringing it up. It's a good point.

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    Hey Alexandra!

    Sorry, I misunderstood your original post. I can see your point/concern.
    The only problem with humor is that no one takes it seriously.

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    Thanks Scott. No biggie-just thought maybe in the future we could have a separate one maybe labeled appropriately for adult themes-or maybe stay in a person's private gallery if they so choose, and the rest a general theme, so there wouldn't be any shocks. So many are climbing aboard the Artrage ship, that have many areas of faith, and feelings on this subject. So happy that this ended happily and no upset was created. That was never my intention.
    The best to you Scott and hope you and your family have the happiest Christmas!

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    Good news, i totally agree with you Sandy
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