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Thread: Layer Keyboard Shortcuts

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    Layer Keyboard Shortcuts

    Two things that would improve the use of the Select Next Layer and Select Previous Layer layer shortcuts.

    First, when the layer pod is visible a tool-tip should pop-up by the pod for only layers that are named with each use of these shortcuts. The layer preview in the pod is nice, but it doesn't do much for users if you have a few layers next to each other in the stack with light colors or little content.

    Second, when the layer panel is visible the panel should scroll along with the use of these shortcuts.

    I can live without the first suggestion, since you can simply change the scale for the layer panel to make it less obtrusive. But, the second I think is necessary, since without it renders these shortcuts rather useless in a layer panel with a lot of layers.

    However, to stay true to the minimalistic screen occupation of the interface the second suggestion would better serve the interface approach. Plus, I'm pretty sure it would be an easy thing to implement.
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