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Thread: Double click on grip pen doesnt work.

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    Double click on grip pen doesnt work.

    Have any the problem with the double click on the grip pen?

    If i use selection and then poligon i must double click for ending.
    But the double click on the grip pen doesnt work with poligon.

    With the mouse it is no problem.
    And double click with the grip pen with paint is also no problem.

    -I use the graphic4 table with the latest driver. 5.2.1-3.
    -Macbook Pro (mac os x 10.6)
    -Artrage 3 Pro.

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    top button on my grip pens [double click] not recognised, i wanted to map it as a pressure hold or draglock but no recog for any top button options in ar3 [studio] though the bottom part works fine, all other parts of my wacom ok, i have latest driver [612.5]
    also i did get the big blob stroke glitch prob one time but it became ok when i closed my wacom options app.
    i have all 'input device' options set to off, inc. ctrl-zoom. which you don't want that on with wacom,
    's ok i can live without it, just thought you'd appreciate the feedback,
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    We're looking into this. In the meantime we've found that hovering with the stylus and pressing the switch on the stylus which is mapped to double click twice completes the polygonal selection - OSX.
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    Thanks for that solution. I thought it was just my old graphire not working on polygon selection.

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