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Thread: [Demo] Floating panels invisible in PPC

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    [Demo] Floating panels invisible in PPC

    On OSX 10.4.11 PPC
    AR3 demo

    1. start up the program
    2. click on 'presets' icon
    3. nothing appear, cannot draw or click on menu bar

    4. hit ENTER, come back to normal
    5. View -> Reset all panel scales
    6. click 'presets' icon again, now it works

    this happens most time starting up.
    another thing is brush size type box

    1. click lower left corner (percentage thingy)
    2. nothing appear, need to hit ENTER to get out

    does this happen in purchased version?
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    There are some update problems on the PPC Macs that we're working on resolving. We're aiming to have a service update release for ArtRage before xmas.
    Sorry for the inconvenience, but we're working on resolving it as fast as we can.
    AndyRage's mantra for graphics engine code:
    "Sure - how hard can it be?"

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    So far AR3 perform much faster than 2.5
    even on my trusty old G4.
    with much more trick, too.

    hope you guys make it soon!

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