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Thread: do i uninstall the demo?

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    do i uninstall the demo?

    when i purchase the pro version of AR3 do i uninstall the demo first, i am sure this info is in the forum somewhere but i dont seem to be able to find it.

    IF i dont need to uninstall the demo can i start transfering resources ( my old AR2 stencils) to AR3 so that they will be ready as soon as i go pro?

    thanks in anticipation


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    I think you will need to uninstall it - unless I missed something. I installed the demo first as well, but there was no way to enter the serial number there.

    When I uninstalled and installed the real product, then upon running it the first time, I got the dialog asking for the serial number. This is good thing so at least people cannot steal serial numbers and just enter it into the demo product to unlock it.

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    thank you for such a quick response

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    The demo and full editions have separate installation folders, so you can safely install Studio or Studio Pro when the demo exists on your system. The demo is limited in the number of resources it can see, but it uses the same resource folders as Studio / Studio pro, so you could move your ArtRage 2.x resources over and be able to view all of them after you have installed Studio / Studio Pro.
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