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Thread: A bit of trouble with stencils and my Wacom

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    A bit of trouble with stencils and my Wacom

    I'm certainly am enjoying the new ArtRage Studio Pro! However, I do seem to have found a small problem. I was playing around with the stencils and found that I could not use the stylus on my Wacom Intuous 3 to access the context menu to invert the stencil for example. I had to right click with my mouse on the mousepad. Shouldn't I be able to "right click" using my stylus?

    BTW, I am on XP.

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    I also have XP and Intuos3 tablet and have experienced the same problem for a while now (pre AR3). I think its a fault in the stylus itself and nothing to do with AR 3 - as its erratic and does the exact same thing in other programs.

    Its one of the reason I dislike having to use the stylus right click and so I use the mouse for all but drawing. However I do find that if you right click before you touch the tablet, then it works better.

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