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Thread: AR3 Startup Error

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    AR3 Startup Error

    AR3 worked fine all day yesterday. This morning I fired the program up and got this error. You can click ok and the program works fine, but I thought I would report it. I have deleted the prefs and restarted the program, but to no avail. An ideas?

    "An error occurred on attempting to create an object.
    A requested panel could not be constructed, you may need to restart the application."


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    That sounds like a damaged resource file. You could try repairing the install, or uninstalling and reinstalling.
    Are you using Windows or MacOSX?
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    Thank you Andy for your reply. I am a Mac user. I reinstalled artrage from a fresh download and the problem did not go away. What I did next was to deleted the file ArtRage.prs in the ~Library/Preferences/Ambient Design/ArtRage 3 folder. This seemed to fix the problem.

    I didn't see that folder when I deleted the .plist Pref. I guess I didn't look hard enough the first time.


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