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Thread: Upgrade to higher graphic card+ram or cpu+ram

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    Upgrade to higher graphic card+ram or cpu+ram

    I wonder if i want to paint in artrage3 smoother what will i need, is it enough to upgrade graphic+more ram or just higher cpu model+more ram is enough. Currently i am using opteron 165 and nvidia geforce 6500 with 1gb dual channel(512x2), working with only window resolution which is 1280x797 water color at 100% size and real color blending alway give me a lag, off course i can always turn the feature off (real color blending), i just want to know what system is best, i know the higher the cpu and graphic card model plus more ram may resolve the lag, but may be the lag will gone and not need the higher end cpu like i7 or phenom 965, i just want to know the lowest conf. for the lag to be gone.

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    I would guess the processor is more important than the gpu in this case.
    As far as I know very few non-direct3d or opengl programs use the graphics card for computing.

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    More CPU and memory, definitely, if you're wanting to improve ArtRage performance.
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