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Thread: Real Color Blending

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    Real Color Blending

    Hi, I downloaded AR 3 Studio Pro to try out for 15 days.
    I have ArtRage 2.5 for quite some time now.
    I was very interested in the Real Color Blending, because I am used to work with real paint on a palette.
    That would be close to my experience as an artist.
    I do not know if the try out version has this option locked, but it certainly is not activated.
    Does anyone know how this could happen?
    Thanks in advance,


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    Click in the preview of current color in the color picker
    there's an option to set real color blending.


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    Real Color Blending

    Thanks, Hans.
    I'll try it that way.


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    Does not work

    Hi, Hans.
    I tried this, but it does not show Real color blending.
    It says it is active, but whatever I do HS/H Color Picker remains active. I am not sure if this color picker blocks real color blending, but the color picker looks just the same as before activating Real color blending.


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    Rob, real color blending is something that affects the paint on your canvas. You can always use a separate layer as a palette and use the real color blending feature to mix your paints there.

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    Color Blending

    Thanks for your reply, Danny.
    I had wished to get a real kind of palette in the color picker area, but your idea of mixing in a separate layer could work indeed.
    Mix the color and then make the layer invisible.


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    Rob, I've found the real value of real color blending is when I want an effect on the canvas of running two colors together for visual color texture in an area. If I just want a particular color to paint with it's easy enough to just select it from any of the various color pickers. But if I want to see colors beautifully blending together in the painting, that's where the beauty of real color blending has it's visual, painterly strength.
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    Real Color Blending

    Thanks, Byroncallas.
    That's an impressive example.


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