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Thread: Ink Pen tool over sensitivity?

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    Ink Pen tool over sensitivity?

    I first want to say what a wonderful program ArtRage3 looks to be. Unfortunately, right out of the box I ran into a problem with the ink pen tool.

    After drawing a stroke with the pen tool and lifting my stylus up from the tablet, the ink pen keeps on writing (razor thin line) until I tap down on the glass with the pen tip. It leaves a messy trail of pen lines all over my art.

    I will double check my tablet settings,....but no other apps that I use have this issue.

    It only happens with the ink pen tool.

    I'm using a Motion Tablet PC

    Any ideas?
    Todd P. Dolce

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    Hi there!

    I wonder if the problem might have a similar cause to the one described here.

    Check the suggestions in this thread and let us know whether they're relevant to what you're seeing there or not and we'll see what we can do to help further.
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    The driver solved it.....thanks
    Todd P. Dolce

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